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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help me!

You guys are all awesome. Me? Not so awesome. You'd think that this blog has motivated me to be just like you - eat healthy and exercise - but in fact I've maybe gotten worse?

Here's my problem (we'll just mention one this time around). When I get home from work I'm too tired to go to the gym. I know once I get there I'm usually fine, but boy it's so hard to get me out of the house when I walk in the door. I have the "tomorrow I'll go to the gym" syndrome.

Any help or ideas? Maybe if I weigh myself and see how much I've gained in the last year, it might motivate me...either that or make me so depressed that I'll go eat ice cream to make me happy again. (Which sounds so good right now)


Stephanie M. October 15, 2008 at 9:13 PM  

Weighing yourself will definitely make you depressed. (Or at least it makes me depressed.) Don't do it!

I personally like working out outside of a gym. So my suggestion is simply to get out of the "I have to go to the gym" mentality that causes you to not look forward to working out because it seems like a big hassle and maybe makes you even dislike it. Instead, develop an attitude of "I would feel so much better if I just moved my body." So what do I do? Turn on my ipod and just dance around in my house or walk in place with small weights while I watch tv. Maybe you could even get some workout dvds. I really like "The Firm." My best advice for working out is to mix up your routine, enjoy moving your body, and savor the rewards of feeling better (without focusing on weight lost/calories burned).

If that doesn't work, maybe you could just look at how much you're paying for that gym membership and realize that you're watching your money go down the drain if you don't go. And/or keep energizing snacks (nuts, granola, etc.) and workout clothes in your car so you can go straight to the gym after work without going hungry.

Hope that helps!

Tara and Bob October 16, 2008 at 9:01 AM  

I do hate weighing myself but when I know I am working out/eating well then it motivates me when I am loosing.

Karly first of all you are a newly wed and it is completely normal to have gained some weight your first year. I sure have, wow! You are already thin to begin with so I can't imagine you really have gained. I agree with Steph vary your routines and try something new instead of just the gym.

I have found that I try to involve bobby as much as I can so we can do something fun together to cultivate our marriage while burning calories and having a good time!

I too have the same problem, when I get home after working a long long full day of work I am exhausted and the last think I want to do is workout. I have found if I have a small healthy snack and then go straight to working out without even plopping my booty on my sofa or in front of the computer then I will go. Try it and see if it works for you!

Good luck, you can do it!!!