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Friday, November 26, 2010

What are you doing to be more healthy?

What are you doing to be more healthy?

Recently I asked myself that question. What bothered me most was coming up with an answer. After thinking it though I was doing some but the truth is not nearly enough. How about you?

I think the best gift we can give ourselves this Christmas season is to take better care of ourselves. I am not talking about waiting for the new year's resolution.

My suggestion is making a list with headings. The heading can be your own but mine is the same list that if headed in the opposite direction would be considered abuse. So I went with physical, emotional and spiritual. I chose three things for each heading and make it a point to do those things as often as I can.

Make your own list and give it a try. It will amaze you when you see how a little effort can make a big difference. For me my spiritual is the most fulfilling.

May your holidays be the best ever.


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