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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Today I was looking at this blog reading the previous entries and wondered if everyone gave up. Has everyone given up?

I am as guilty as the rest of you as as far as contributing goes. It took me forever to be brave enough to put keystroke to blog but I have.

One of my friends from church is a motivational speaker for Weight Watchers. I love her to death but just can't picture her standing in front of a crowd like that and being helpful until we talked. She was saying the reason programs like Weight Watchers work is the support. For many of the those who lose and keep the weight off it is the support of the group that helps them succeed. She said there people who go through the programs to lose just ten pounds or a hundred but those that stick around do it for the support. She says it is it the anonymous friendships that form apart and away from the day to day friends that bond the groups together.
They pay a lot of money for that support.

I know very few of the contributors. Most of the few I know I only know through your blogs or through Heather. That aside I will be your strongest supporter in working toward better health. Your anonymous friendship that will cost you nothing but a few keystrokes.

At this point I wonder if anyone ever even checks in. Gives this site a glance or a thought. We can help each other by talking about what's working and what isn't as well. We can share recipes, work out tips, products we like, or we can just check in with each other. Mostly I just wanted to say I am paying attention. Are you?