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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wii Fit Fans

I have loved the Wii since we got it. The idea of playing a video game on my feet while moving was novel. The idea of playing for hours and having my body ache and not my thumbs was awesome. But when we got the Wii Fit I found a new love of the game.

I try to work out every day and get bummed when time is at a minimum. Okay I'm not sure that some of the games due much to burn calories but they do make muscles I haven't felt in a while ache. A good ache.

My favorites are broad and not really shown when you go on to the favorites section. When I got the game I was doing what I could to open up more tasks which meant doing the easy ones over and over. I have found that while I can't always do the step ones they are my very favorite. Especially free step. I am able to do as little as 10 minutes and on a really good day 20 or even 30. It is nice to be able to just switch to a TV show on my Tivo while I am doing my steps. It goes so much faster in my head than if I were watching the clock.

I usually hold weights while I workout.
Moving my arms with the weights as I go. I'm not even sure adding the weights does much if anything toiimprove my workout but I feel better doing it anyway. My arms hurt a little the first time which leads me to believe it is doing something.

Then I was thinking when and If I were better pain wise I could put the step higher for an even better workout. Who knows how many possibilities there are in changing things up.

If you do something different that works for you let me know.