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Sunday, November 9, 2008


That was a good article. There were a lot of helpful hints in there - thanks for posting! I've also been thinking about the "no sweets" post and what my suggestions would be. I never said anything because I don't know the answer. :) I thought about my no soda rule and my desire to exercise and I came to this conclusion. The first is always the hardest. The first day I didn't have soda was the hardest. I knew that if I could get through the first day, then I could do it. After doing it for a few days I knew I couldn't quit - otherwise all my hard work would have been a waste.
That logic works for me anyway. And applies to most things I want to do, but have a hard time doing. Starting is the hardest part. I just need to gather my will power and tell myself to just do it once.
How is everyone doing on eating healthy overall? I'd like to start having more fruits and veggies. Maybe you all are good at that, but I'm not! I love steamed veggies with dinner, but I need to have more fruit - it makes a good snack during the day, especially at work. The only downside is it goes bad so soon after buying it - so I can't buy it in bulk. I have a hard time getting myself to the store so often to buy fresh fruits and veggies. Maybe that's just me. But that is going to be my goal this week. I'll report back and let you know how I do. And I still haven't had any soda at work. Yay!


Tara and Bob November 10, 2008 at 10:10 AM  

Great Job Karly on eating more fruit and veggies. That is awesome!

As for the soda I am very proud of you! That is my biggest weakness and it's a horrible one. I love my diet coke and wish I didn't. Some day for sure!

I don't have a problem getting all my fruit and veggies but my problem is my love for food like bean and cheese burritos and diet coke. I don't eat it but still not soo good. I guess it could always be worse though.

Bobby and I try and go to costco and stock up and make a point to plan dinners around what is already in the fridge and pantry. I also love going to a farmer's market whenever possible, it's fresh and cheap too. Plus we have a great little authentic market that we get cheap good produce too. It's fun to go explore different places and compare prices.

I have found the biggest key to being healthy, is meal planning and being prepared. It's so hard but worth it.

Stephanie M. November 11, 2008 at 3:53 PM  

I think you're definitely right about making it through the first day without soda or sweets or whatever it is. Once I made it through that and the next day, I was on track. Now that I'm no longer working (I just quit yesterday), it isn't really a problem for me because there aren't sweets everywhere and everyone around me isn't eating them. That sure helps!

Because of the freshness problem with fruits and veggies, I often buy frozen veggies and just microwave them and include them with dinner. (But my husband and I do love eating steamed fresh asparagus and fresh zucchini.) I also buy some canned fruits like pineapple in 100% juice (not sugar!). It's not nearly as good as fresh pineapple, but it stays fresh a long time. You could also buy fruit cups and yogurt with real fruit to get your fruit servings in without worrying about wasting money because you don't eat the fruit fast enough.