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Sunday, April 11, 2010

When Someone Says Don't

When someone says don't do something or say something or go there or do that even when it seems like something easy to avoid it isn't easy.

The doctor told me the best way to avoid getting sick is to not touch my face. Specifically my eyes nose and mouth. I never realized how many times my eyes and nose itch. I find myself rubbing them then remember what the doctor said. After being sick for more than two full months I am a little paranoid about getting sick again

I wonder how I don't get sick more often based on how many times I find myself doing what the doctor said not to do. Then I started thinking about the many other times in my life I have been told I should or should not to do something or say something or go there or do that yet I often find myself compelled to do the opposite. My point in all this that we all know how to be healthy. We have been told for years that we should move more, eat right, reduce stress and and enjoy life. How many of us do? I just wonder if in some ways we aren't sabotaging our own health in our defiance of what we know or at least have been told is good for us?

Just a thought.


onwey June 26, 2010 at 8:35 PM  

Choice works both for us and against us. It would be so easy to make good choices if they were always between good and better. Let's face it making good choices isn't easy. Who wants to work out in the summer heat or cook healthy when you can drive through and get it quickly without heating up the house. I make better food choices in the winter when cooking is easier. But I get what you mean ultimately I have only myself to blame for unhealthy choices.