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Monday, February 2, 2009

Food Variety

(Sorry if you read my personal blog; this will be almost a repeat, but I felt it was worth posting on this blog.)

I've been working on expanding my food repertoire lately by purchasing and cooking a greater variety of foods. I was inspired by a book I'm currently reading by renowned dietitian Ellyn Satter entitled Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family. I previously read parts of it for a nutrition class in college, but now I'm going chapter by chapter. I'd highly recommend reading it because she calls for a return to normal eating, which is what I try to do. Because I'm slightly overweight since having my baby, I've considered dieting a couple of times, but it's just not for me. So I'm simply exercising regularly, eating a variety of foods, and trying to obey my hunger, appetite, and satiety signals. (That--obeying your hunger, appetite, and satiety signals--is what is meant by "normal eating," i.e., eating mostly only out of physiological hunger (of course there will be slip-ups and times when you eat just to eat), eating what you really want to eat, eating a variety of different foods from all the food groups, and not using or manipulating food to achieve a desired outcome such as to console you or to make you thin.) Anyways, I guess it's working because I've been wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans for a couple of weeks now, and I am so happy about it!!


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